volcanic, mineral-based, reliable

The uses and applications of expanded perlite are virtually endless. From the construction industry and building chemistry to the petrochemical industry, horticultural applications and the food and cosmetics industries, there are virtually no limits to the uses. This is made possible by Perlite`s ideal properties - chemically inert, biologically harmless, reusable and impervious to aging. Perlite products from Knauf Performance Materials are also branded products with consistent high quality and their own proof of origin.

Insulates naturally

Due to its high porosity and light weight, perlite is an excellent thermal insulation material. The Isoself® insulation bulk material is excellently suited for the insulation of enclosed cavities in interiors, e.g. in wood joist ceilings, pitched roofs and shafts. Isoself® is characterized by jointless application and thus application without gaps. It is very light and thus only suitable for constructions bearing very low loads. Isoself® is also very well suited for areas requiring proofing against vermin and rodents. Request your sample now.

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Balanced architecture:

Creation of level base layers with perlite

Perlite as a bulk leveller provides a stable load-bearing substrate for the floor construction and is particularly suitable for basic ceilings due to its extremely low weight, where the load applied by a bulk leveller material must be kept to a minimum, e.g. wood joist ceilings. Thanks to the conditioning with paraffin resin Nivoperl® additionally improves footfall sound insulation of up to 29dB depending on the screed. Find out more here:

Makes your building product unique:

Customized solutions with Knauf Perlite

Are you a manufacturer of mortars, fillers or adhesives and looking for the perfect individual characteristics for your product? Are you a retailer and planning to launch a brand with a unique character? We help you set the perfect product properties - from long pot time to the desired pastiness, we provide your product with the uniqueness it deserves.

Insulation in the most hard-to-reach areas

Certain areas in the house are not accessible with mat-shaped insulation materials or insulation boards. This is where a non-combustible insulation bulk material made of dust-bound perlite with excellent insulation properties can help. With Isoself® you create a non-load-bearing insulation layer in wood joist ceilings, pitched roofs, cavities and shafts.

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The additive that adds more than volume

VOLITE® makes products lighter and easier to process while simultaneously producing a higher yield. This is made possible by the perfectly round grain shape, which withstands any observation through an electron microscope. Your benefit: perfect pastiness and perfect handling.

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From fruit juice to craft beer

purity and clarity that comes from the volcano.

There are only few substances on earth that are as neutral and pure as perlite. This is why perlite is used as a filter material by leading beverage manufacturers. So if your after-work beer tastes particularly good again, it could be because of us.

Is all perlite the same?

The purity and chemical neutrality of expanded perlite is determined to a large extent by the quality of the further processing of the raw perlite obtained. Due to the high quality of processing and the high process accuracy in the Knauf expansion plants, we achieve a purity that has been awarded the RHP certificate for many years. The RHP certification guarantees that a substrate meets the relevant quality standards, e.g. for water absorption, air content, pH value and nutrient supply.

What are the different brands of Knauf Performance Materials for?

Perlite's superior capabilities make it a valuable material for many industries. But not all perlite is the same. It is the optimization of expanded perlite for the applications and uses in our focus industries of horticulture, LNG & cryo-insulation, building chemistry and consumer products that brings our customers the desired added value they have come to expect from Knauf. We have optimized all aspects of our value proposition from research and development to production, sales and after sales support in our brands for each of our focus industries. Because for our customers, we are not perlite suppliers, but industry experts.

Is there also a hydrophobic - e.g. water-repellent - perlite?

For certain applications, such as insulation fill or volume aggregates, water absorption by the perlite is undesirable. Therefore many of our perlite brand products are also available in hydrophobized versions, e.g. Volite® 200h

What are the different versions of Volite® and Perligran® for?

The applications of our Knauf Perlite products are as diverse as the business models of our customers. For certain applications in the building chemistry or cosmetics industries, Volite<sup>®</sup> grains must have an extremely small and uniform shape. For other applications, e.g. in cryo-cooling, particularly large grain sizes of Cryoperl<sup>®</sup> are important, as these guarantee better insulation values.