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The brilliant lightweight additive, made in Germany.

VOLITE® grains

VOLITE® – maximum performance for unlimited possibilities

The lightweight additive for more quality

VOLITE® is the lightweight mineral additive that refines and enhances the quality of finished products, such as fillers in the field of construction chemicals.

VOLITE® makes products lighter. It also boosts yield and gives products outstanding processing properties for perfect results in less time – and it is always available in consistently high quality.

The Performance Enhancer

Outstanding features

The lightweight additive that boosts performance

Due to its material properties, VOLITE® creates much more than just volume. VOLITE® optimizes quality and enhances the performance of the finished product in many ways.

Exceptionally light

VOLITE® reduces the weight of finished products and increases yield. This is due to the exceptionally light VOLITE® grains, which are lighter than lightweight additives based on quartz sand, for instance.

Extended coverage

VOLITE® enriched filler has a significantly higher yield than others. At the same container weight and volume, VOLITE® allows filler to be applied to a considerably larger area.

Long pot life

VOLITE® creates ideal conditions for processing large surfaces in a single operation. Thanks to the optimized pot life made possible by VOLITE®, professional users can save time and boost productivity.

New handling feel

VOLITE® gives filling compounds an unsurpassed easy-to-process consistency. The round and closed VOLITE® grains give fillers such a light and supple texture that experienced finishers will be reminded of shaving cream the first time they use it.

A perfect finish

VOLITE® also enhances the surface finishing characteristics of end products. They are easier to sand, making it possible to achieve surface qualities up to Q4, and with less effort. These surfaces also take paint particularly well and more easily.

Construction chemistry
Reliable production
Customer experience
Higher added value
VOLITE® in pure form Construction chemistry Supply reliability Customer experience Added value

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

VOLITE® delivers on its promise.

To be good and proven these days is no longer good enough. The aim is to exceed market expectations time and again. Industries have to continually take performance promises of their products up a notch, including specialty brands in the construction chemicals business. VOLITE® is the lightweight additive that lets them to do just that. VOLITE® enhances their products by adding exceptional features in consistently high quality, which improves the customer experience and thus strengthens the reputation of their brand with a high degree of added value.

Construction chemistry

As varied as the possible applications of VOLITE® may be, the benefits of this particularly powerful lightweight additive are especially well suited to improving finished products for the construction industry, and above all for building chemicals:

  • Lightweight fillers (cementitious or polymer-bound)
  • Insulating plasters
  • Levelling compounds
  • Tile adhesive

Reliable production

Improving the properties of a product is one thing, and being able to produce that product in the same high quality at any given time is another. VOLITE® gives companies in the construction chemicals industry production security through high supply reliability and consistent high quality of this lightweight additive.

The raw material for VOLITE® comes from our own share of a mine in Greece directly to Germany for further processing, and from there to you. This location advantage assures you supply security and greater profitability than comparable products from competitors.

Improved customer experience

VOLITE® enables specialty brands in construction chemicals to offer lighter packaging that allows more surface area to be processed.

An example:
Conventional light filler
Container: 25 kg – Coverage: 8.3 m2
Light filler enhanced with VOLITE®
Container: 15 kg – Coverage: 9.4 m2

In this example, the finisher saves a good 10 kg of load per container with an increased relative and absolute coverage.

Higher added value

VOLITE® combines a better reputation with improved added value for specialty construction chemicals brands.

VOLITE® refines the quality and improves the processability of your end product. Processors value a brand that possesses such qualities – and this gives their reputation a boost. At the same time, VOLITE® is even more economical than competitive products, which results in a higher margin for the brand or a more attractive final price for the product.

The many forms of perfection

VOLITE® product variants and available types

No matter what the requirements are, we almost always offer you the right solution. And what we do not already have, we will develop for you. VOLITE®, the performance enhancer for specialty building chemicals brands, varies in size and bulk density and is available in different delivery forms as required.


VOLITE® 200/200h


VOLITE® 500/500h/500F/500Fh

ProductionSizeBulk densityHydro­phobic
VOLITE® 2000–200 μm140±20 g/lNo
VOLITE® 200h0–200 μm140±20 g/lYes
VOLITE® 200 SD 1100–200 μm110±15 g/lNo
VOLITE® 200 SD 110h0–200 μm110±15 g/lYes
VOLITE® 5000–500 μm150±30 g/lNo
VOLITE® 500h0–500 μm150±30 g/lYes
VOLITE® 500F0–500 μm90±15 g/lNo
VOLITE® 500Fh0–500 μm90±15 g/lYes
pH-value at delivery (20 °C)6–8.5
Melting point/freezing point (°C)approx. 1,400
Density (g/cm3)2.3
Bulk density (g/l)90–150
Size (μm)0–200 (VOLITE® 200/200h/200 SD 110/200 SD 110h)
0–500 (VOLITE® 500/500h/500F/500Fh)
Temperature resistance (°C)up to 800

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