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CRYOPERL® – the first choice for low-temperature insulation

The complete package to lighten the load on your company

CRYOPERL® offers the complete package for industrial areas where the complex task of filling and refilling plants with highly effective insulating material is required. CRYOPERL® greatly simplifies this task and thus assures operators and full-service providers the operational security, high efficiency and profitability of their plants at a minimal expense.

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The answer to all insulation questions in the low-temperature range

It is certainly not an everyday task in the petrochemical industry, at refineries, gas producers or other companies in the low-temperature industry: filling or refilling plants with insulating material only becomes an issue when repairs, new construction or conversions have to be carried out. But then, a whole series of critical questions arises all at once – about material and availability, about execution, safety and downtime, and last but not least, about costs. This is when Knauf Performance Materials with its CRYOPERL® solutions comes in as the perfect partner for high-quality insulation material. At the same time it offers companies the planning and implementation of the entire process as a complete package. This is full service low-temperature insulation.

Read more in our CRYOPERL® Blog.

Transparency and security

With CRYOPERL® we ensure maximum support, create transparency and provide security. You provide the ready-to-fill plant and tell us the fill points. Based on your specifications for the space to be filled in cubic meters, the plant geometry, the desired date and the maximum permissible downtime, we handle the entire planning process and prepare a complete quotation with a transparent cost structure. This gives your company an overview of all the essential parameters at short notice and without any additional planning and administrative effort, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Optimum characteristics

CRYOPERL® puts reliable insulation effects within reach. It is non-combustible, chemically inert and free-flowing. This makes CRYOPERL® – unlike other materials – easy to use even for the most challenging geometries when filling and refilling plants. As a mineral rock, CRYOPERL® can be used after use and extraction from the plant for recultivation in clay mining, agriculture and horticulture, for instance.

Decades of experience

With CRYOPERL® we are committed to the operational safety, high efficiency and profitability of your plant. As a manufacturer that holds its own share of a mine for the quarrying of the raw material perlite, has in-house research and development activities, as well as its own facilities for refining into a final product, we have decades of experience in reliably supplying our customers with products of consistently high quality.

Process security and reliability

With CRYOPERL® we can reduce your system downtimes to a minimum. We use mobile technology with modern vacuum silo vehicles to ensure fast evacuation and refilling with CRYOPERL®. Filling is carried out through hoses, which can be laid up to the tip of a plant at a maximum height of 70 meter. The entire process is carried out by experienced application technicians who specialize in filling and refilling low-temperature systems.

Full service for all applications
On-site plant engineering
The service workflow
Cooling industry Mobile Plant in action Preparation for filling

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Full service for all applications

CRYOPERL® and the complete service offered by CRYOPERL® for the cooling industry is in essence ideally suited to all double-wall structures, especially for large volumes. This is where companies really see the benefits of superior economic efficiency compared to other materials.

CRYOPERL® can be used safely and reliably in both evacuated and non-evacuated insulation. Applications include low-temperature insulation of LNG tanks, oxygen and nitrogen plants or coldboxes, such as air separation plants and heat exchangers.

On-site plant engineering

In particular, when large and very large volumes of insulation have to be filled, the expansion of CRYOPERL® directly on-site is a sensible option. Mobile plant technology makes it possible. Raw perlite is first expanded directly at the site where it is used and refined to CRYOPERL®. This saves shipping costs. At the same time, CRYOPERL® is immediately available in virtually any quantity required. We handle the delivery, installation and operation of the mobile plant technology for you. It is the size of a 40-foot ISO container and can be used anywhere in Europe or anywhere in the world.

The service workflow

The CRYOPERL® complete package for low-temperature insulation reduces your company’s workload to just a few steps, thus offering maximum support with the utmost in planning and process security. Here’s how it works:

Your company’s specifications for Knauf Performance Materials

  • Volume to be filled in cubic meters
  • Characteristics of the plant, e. g. height of the filling openings
  • Planned date for filling or refilling
  • Maximum possible system downtime
  • And, of course, the ready-to-fill plant itself

Your CRYOPERL® complete package, including

  • Material
  • Logistics
  • On-site service and equipment
  • If needed, disposal of waste material
  • Filling
  • Detailed timetable

If your company places an order on this basis, CRYOPERL® provides all of the agreed services safely, reliably and within the agreed time frame.

The desired quantity in the right place at the right time

CRYOPERL® delivery forms

CRYOPERL® is available in different delivery forms. Big bags are suitable for insulating small to medium-sized items. The insulation material is also available in bulk and in addition can be produced on-site in mobile plants. In every case, the grain size is adjusted to the optimum application under the corresponding geometric conditions.





CRYOPERL® Mobile Plant

CRYOPERL® Mobile Plant

Bulk density (depending on grain size)35–55 kg/m3
Grain size0–1.5 mm
Thermal conductivity at bulk density 48 g/l-150 °C = 0.0209 ± 0.0023 W/mK
-100 °C = 0.0279 ± 0.0023 W/mK
-50 °C = 0.0343 ± 0.0023 W/mK
0 °C = 0.0413 ± 0.0023 W/mK
Additional requirement for manual filling5–10 %
Additional requirement for pneumatic filling10–20 %
Angle of repose35–40°
Compressive strength at deformation of 20%0.02 N/mm2

CRYOPERL® Knowledge Bar

Flyer, safety data sheets, background knowledge – at the Knowledge Bar you can conveniently access all of the relevant information. Please help yourself.

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